Press and Praise

Press and Praise

Honour: Confessions of a Mumbai Courtesan, is ambitious, smart, and a masterclass in character work” — Andrea Warner, The Georgia Straight

Mehta’s one-woman show could hardly be described as dark or pessimistic. While some may find parts of the dialogue less than comfortable, Mehta handles the grim aspects with courage and sensitivity”— John Jane, Review Vancouver


Preview in Vancouver Sun

"It is a miracle how many people Dipti inhabits in her. HONOUR is as mysterious, kind, tragic, empathetic as life itself"

-Gloria Steinem (Journalist, and Social Political Activist)

Honour is a must-see. Dipti embodies the characters in her story so convincingly that you find yourself transported into their world wondering how one woman can be old, young, male, female, good, and bad. It forces you to consider that every story is rooted in multi-faceted human being and that without connection we have nothing. The deep running political undertow that you cannot free yourself from is that through the humanness of their stories you see so clearly how it is that so many countries find the sex trafficking industry so difficult to escape from, and why it's important we reach in and give them a hand from outside the cipher.

-Stephanie Klemons (Associate Choreograher, HAMILTON)

(5 STARS ) "Dipti Mehta’s beautiful and devastating Honour: Confessions of a Mumbai Courtesan."

- Time Out New York

"Anchored by Dipti Mehta's astonishing performance, Honour is a dark, troubling, yet humourous and vibrant take on life as a Mumbai prostitute."

-Theatre is Easy

"[Mehta] beautifully embodies each role while masterfully intertwining character performance with rhythmic dance combinations."

- New York Women in Film and Theatre

"Mehta masterfully embodies five characters as she whirls across the stage through several accents—a performance that earned her the SAIPAF’s coveted and esteemed Best Actor Award"


'Honor is a poignant exploration of a mother-daughter relationship by Dipti Mehta. Her ability to sing, dance and act in this mono-act as she moves from love to cruelty is astounding.A must-watch."

-Ruchira Gupta, Founder Apne Aap Organization

Dipti Mehta, whose day job is as a PhD researcher in Molecular and Cellular Biology at Sloan Kettering, has put together a well-structured and authentic-feeling tale that is witty, graceful and pointed.

- Jonathan Mendell

What makes Honour most unusual as a solo piece, in addition to its subject matter, is that its performer/writer is able to tell its tale by employing her considerable dance skills to make each character entertainingly larger than life

- Samuel Leiter

“Dipti is making India proud and great to see Indians sharing stage with the world recognized entertainers”

--Times of India

“Dipti is a one-woman force, actively speaking to the deep implications of the sex trade across multiple relationships, generations and nations."

--Carey Lovelace, Artistic Director of "Loose Change Productions"

“Thought provoking play about many social issues including women's rights. Compelling, entertaining piece as well as provocative”

--Frank Carucci, President, La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club

“Highlights the complexities of a mother daughter relationship”

--Desi Talk

“Petite actress who appeared powerful on stage comfortably shifted roles”

--News India Times

“Honour's rendition of the many perspectives on the sex trade and the women in it was both concise and engrossing”

--Ninotchka Rosca, author, journalist and human rights activist, AF3IRM NY Chapter

“Dipti is an immense talent: A writer, story-teller, dancer, and a truly fine actress. She much so that you won't want to take your eyes off her”

--Terry Berliner, director/choreographer, artistic director, and writer.

“Deeply moving and truthful characterization of a subject that can rip the heart out of a human being”

--Stuart Perrin, author of Little Sisters

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